SIER Working Paper Series

152 Political Polarization and Economic Growth

Author : Youngho Kang, Byung-Yeon Kim, Dongwon Lee
Abstract :
This study examines the effect of political polarization, measured by the dispersion of self-reporte...

151 Linking Innovation Systems, International Integration, and Investment Climate to Firm Productivity in Developing Countries:

Author : Mahyar Adibi, Keun Lee
Abstract :
This paper analyzes the importance of investment climate (IC), international integration (II), and i...

150 From Global-Local Interface to Local Value Added, Knowledge and Ownership

Author : Keun Lee
Abstract :
Whereas all the latecomer economies have been open to invite FDI for their development, they found i...

149 Identifying FDI Types : Watch What They Do, Not What They Say or Look Like

Author : JaeBin Ahn, Jee-Hyeong Park
Abstract :
This note compares three different schemes to identify FDI types and documents that correlation amon...

148 Snowballing alongside Domino on Proliferation of Preferential Trade Agreements

Author : Jee-Hyeong Park, Jaeyoun Roh
Abstract :
With regard to the third-country effects on bilateral incentives to sign new preferential trade agr...

147 Several Modes of Digitalization of Value Chains and Implications for Entrepreneurship:

Author : Keun Lee, Tri VuPhu, Donghyun Park
Abstract :
In this paper, we examine how digitalization affects global value chain. By using empirical evidence...

146 Kaldor and Kuznets Together in a Three-way Growth-Equity Nexus in Developed and Developing Countries:

Author : Keun Lee, Juneyoung Lee
Abstract :
This study analyzes the three-way relationship of economic growth and the two aspects of income dist...

145 The Emergence and Persistence of Oligarchy: A Dynamic Model of Endogenous Political Power

Author : Ilwoo Hwang, Jee Seon Jeon
Abstract :
We study an infinite-horizon multilateral bargaining game in which the status quo policy, players’ ...

144 Changing GVC in Post-Pandemic Asia: Korea, China and Southeast Asia

Author : Keun Lee, Taeyoung Park
Abstract :
This paper has provided some overview of the changing GVC in Asia, especially since the outbreak of ...

143 Price Stickiness Heterogeneity and Equilibrium Determinacy

Author : Jae Won Lee, Woong Yong Park
Abstract :
This paper shows that the requirement for monetary policy to achieve equilibrium determinacy is subs...