Research Highlights

Oracle Estimation of a Change-point in High-Dimensional Quantile Regression

  • Myunghwan Seo, Sokbae Lee, Yuan Liao, and Youngki Shin
  • Journal of the American Statistical Association, Theory and Methods section (2018) / 113, 1184-1194
  • Abstract
    In this article, we consider a high-dimensional quantile regression model where the sparsity structu...

The Role of Education Interventions in Improving Economic Rationality,

  • Hyuncheol B. Kim, Syngjoo Choi, Booyuel Kim, Cristian Pop-Eleches
  • Science, October 2018, 362(6410) /
  • Abstract
    Schooling rewards people with labor market returns and nonpecuniary benefits in other realms of life...

The Art of Economic Catch-up: Barriers, Detours and Leapfrogging in innovation systems,

  • Keun Lee
  • Cambridge University Press, 2019 /
  • Abstract
    When the ladder from developing to developed countries is kicked way, this book suggests that lateco...

National innovation systems, economic complexity & economic growth: country panel analysis using the US patent data.

Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution a Window of Opportunity for Upgrading or Reinforcing the Middle-income Trap? Asian Model of Development in Southeast Asia.

Varieties of capitalism and East Asia: Long-term evolution, structural change, and the end of East Asian capitalism.

Econometric Analysis of Stochastic Dominance: Concepts, Methods, Tools, and Applications (2019)

Somewhere Between Utopia and Dystopia: Choosing From Multiple Incomparable Prospects (2019)

Testing for a General Class of Functional Inequalities (2018)

Doubly Robust Uniform Con…dence Band for the Conditional Average Treatment Effect Function (2018)