Research Highlights

Gender Norms and Housework Time Allocation among Dual-Earner Couples

  • Jisoo Hwang, Chulhee Lee, and Esther Lee
  • Labour Economics / 57 (2019), 102-116
  • Abstract
    This paper studies the effect of parental gender norms on the allocation of house-hold work among du...

Changing Relationship between Unemployment and Mortality in South Korea

  • Chulhee Lee and Kyeongbae Kim
  • Health Economics / 26 (2017), 1630-1636
  • Abstract
    Over the period from 1989 to 2012, total mortality in South Korea shifted from being weakly procycli...

Long-Term Health Consequences of Prenatal Exposure to the Korean War

  • Chulhee Lee
  • Asian Population Studies / 13 (2017), 101-117
  • Abstract
    This paper investigates how in-utero exposure to the Korean War (1950-1953) affected health outcomes...

Income, Health, and Suicide: Evidence from Individual Panel Dataset in Korea

  • Chulhee Lee and Jeongrim Hong
  • Seoul Journal of Economics / 30 (2017), 385-408
  • Abstract
    Limited evidence has been presented regarding the effects of individual income and health on suicide...

Industrial Characteristics and Employment of Older Manufacturing Workers in the Early-Twentieth-Century United States

  • Chulhee Lee
  • Social Science History / 39 (Winter 2015), 551-579
  • Abstract
    This study explores how industry-specific technological, organizational, and managerial features aff...

Did Pronatal Policy in Korea Fail? A Decomposition of Fertility Change from 2000 to 2016

  • Chulhee Lee
  • Korean Journal of Economic Studies / 66(3) (2018), 1-38
  • Abstract
    The result of decomposition analysis of the change in total fertility rate (TFR) suggests that marit...