Research Highlights

Estimating a breakpoint in the pattern of COVID-19 in South Korea

Robust inference for threshold regression models

  • Javier Hidalgo, Jungyoon Lee b, Myung Hwan Seo
  • Journal of Econometrics / volume 210 (2), 291-309, 2019
  • Abstract
    This paper considers robust inference in threshold regression models when the practitioners do not k...

Estimation of Dynamic Panel Threshold Model using Stata

  • Myung Hwan Seo, Sueyoul Kim, Young-Joo Kim
  • The Stata Journal: Promoting communications on statistics and Stata / Volume: 19 issue: 3, page(s): 685-697
  • Abstract
    In this article, we develop a command, xthenreg, that implements the first-differenced generalized m...

Panel data analysis with heterogeneous dynamics

Individual and Aggregate Labor Supply in a Heterogeneous Agent Economy with Intensive and Extensive Margins

  • Yongsung Chang, Sun-Bin Kim, Kyooho Kwon, and Richard Rogerson
  • International Economic Review / 60 (1), 3-24, 2019
  • Abstract
    We study business cycle fluctuations in heterogeneous-agent general equilibrium models featuring int...

Labor Market Uncertainty and Portfolio Choice Puzzles

  • Yongsung Chang, Jay H. Hong, and Marios Karabarbounis
  • American Economic Journal-Macroeconomics / 10(2), 222-262, 2018
  • Abstract
    The standard life-cycle models of household portfolio choice have difficulty generating a realistic ...

Pareto Weights in Practice: A Quantitative Analysis Across 32 OECD Countries

  • Yongsung Chang, Bo Hyun Chang, and Sun-Bin Kim
  • Review of Economic Dynamics / 28, 181-204, 2018
  • Abstract
    We develop a quantitative heterogeneous-agents general equilibrium model that reproduces the income ...

Policy Regimes, Policy Shifts, and U.S. Business Cycles

  • Saroj Bhattarai, Jae Won Lee, and Woong Yong Park
  • 2016, Review of Economics and Statistics / 98(5)
  • Abstract
    Using an estimated DSGE model with monetary and fiscal policy interactions and allowing for equilibr...

Multi-category competition and market power: a model of supermarket pricing.

Local M-estimation with Discontinuous Criterion for Dependent and Limited Observations

  • Myunghwan Seo and Taisuke Otsu
  • the Annals of Statistics (2018) / 46, 344-369
  • Abstract
    We examine the asymptotic properties of local M-estimators under three sets of high-level conditions...